Cover/Prayer Ministry

Servant Leaders:

The Cover Ministry is a component of Intercessors and Altar Workers working as one. A successful altar worker will make an impact on the lives of people in the church on a regular basis. When the altar workers and leaders submit to authority and allow the Spirit to work in their lives as well as study and learn how to minister and lead people into a closer walk with the Lord.


There are certain criteria that you must meet in order to become a success full altar worker:


Altar Workers must be called to their Ministry

Altar Workers must be Concerned

Altar Workers must be Committed

Altar Workers are Submissive

Altar Workers must be Loyal

Altar Workers must be Confidential

Our Intercessors intercede on behalf of all people of all conditions and situations. Our desire is to suppress the works of the enemy and release the power and purpose of GOD. Hence, we are called to “cover” the saints of GOD.


The Cover Ministry, as a whole, has prayer times on Sunday:


Pre-Service Prayer

8:05 AM Service: 7:30AM – 8:00AM

11:15 AM Service: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM


Intercessory Prayer

Every Thursday 6-8 PM


Noon Day Prayer

Monday thru Friday 12:00 Noon


The Ministry Team provides ministry training for Altar Workers. These trainings will be scheduled per further notice.