God’s Promises

God’s Promise is the portion of the Christian Education Department which seeks to nurture our youth. The goal is for both teachers and students to develop in the knowledge and application of Christian principles in their lives. 

Teachers and assistants are need to educate our youth. Schedules, support and teaching materials are provided.

Goal/Purpose: To nurture our youth an develop them in relationship with Christ and one another.

We like to thank you for your support of God’s Promise Ministry.  You and your children have been adding to the dynamics of the ministry and we are pleased at the growth and fruit observed in our youth.

This year God’s Promise will be conducting more Outreach Initiatives in the community whereby we will partner with local institutions so our youth gets ministry/ marketplace training and experience in serving, giving, praying and becoming Ambassadors for Christ.  We embrace the Pastor’s mission and vision regarding the Word involving Creative proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through innovative ways to reach the lost, empower the reached, and release the trained.

Additionally, we will continue to have opportunities for our youth to Fellowship at various outings such as Bowling, Skating, Thank You Sundaes, Pizza Parties, Zumba, Open Mic and various in house and Community activities.  Our goal is to empower the youth to embrace and understand the mission and vision of the church.

Collectively we can accomplish much in our youth!