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The Missions Ministry is one that is very active working to provide services and provisions to those in need.


Our Mission

To introduce men, women, boys and girls everywhere to Christ by serving as Christ would.


Our Purpose

To live our lives as Christians while displaying the attributes of Christ.


Our Vision

To see loving kindness extended to people from every origin and walk of life by extending a helping hand, to share the scripture through work and deed, and to encourage those who have been helped to become helpers to others.


Some of the things we did to service the community was to sponsor “All God’s Children Got Shoes” a shoe drive geared towards youth in need from the ages of new born to 18.  We prepared meals at Ronald McDonald’s House, fed the homeless, provided a Bounty Barrel, held community movie night and soup kitchen Saturday. We also aided families giving Giant gift cards for food and provided assistance with utilities, rent and housing and clothing.


If you have a heart serve and time to work, please reach out to any member and express your desire to become a part of this ministry. We welcome you with open arms.