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The Security Ministry is proudly committed to continue making great strides with the growing activities within the church.  Our goal is safety; to our Pastors, Congregation, Visiting Pastors, VIPs and all who attend our services. We are devoted to monitoring all church activities, programs and personnel who enter our facilities. We conduct several checks of the building during service from the bottom floors to the top floors to ensure no improper occurrences are taking place. We patrol the parking lot in order to avoid any vehicle infractions or any vandalism. We assist during offering by providing thorough safety measures with all credit card transactions. We provide an escort with the offering when required for calculation. We respectfully maintain observation during worship services to provide any assistance needed.  Along with making every possible effort to make sure the presence of the Lord is felt without imposing on any individuals spiritual development.

Ministry Vision Goals – We will continue to work together with all ministries to provide a place of worship that all persons can feel comfortable attending. We will make every attempt to deliver to our congregation and friends a selfless spirit of service while they enhance their relationship with God.

Ministry Needs- Team players with integrity; people dedicated and enthusiastic about helping within the security ministry.  Must support one another as we work towards common goals, with a result of treating all people with dignity and respect.  Maintaining a spiritual frame of mind while safeguarding the house of worship. If you feel God is leading you and you can accommodate the criteria of a security team personnel, by all means, please contact us.